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E-Skool Tech is mostly famous for its consistency in training and re-training provision. We provide the training until it reaches the perfection that required to learn as well as to run standard academic management. The privacy and security of the records is our priority. So we keep updating the security etiquette to ensure the clients of our trustworthy service. We also keep upgrading the design and the content of our software to uphold our benchmark. A continuous up-gradation process, a time to time follow-up, a rigorous training about the operational methods, makes our clients stay satisfied with our user-friendly school management software.

The best price

We offer the lowest possible charge in the market with excellent quality work.

Great support

Our well-trained team provides round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption.


E-Skool Tech has a high level of customized School Management System

User Friendly

Just about anyone working knowledge of computers will able to handle School Erp. The whole software is based on simplicity itself.

Multiple System, One solution

School ERP system development company specialized in creating innovative ERP solutions for Schools.

Student Management

  • Easily Registration
  • Easily Print Registration Forms
  • Bulk Registration And Import options
  • All kinds of Report

SMS/ Notification

  • Send SMS Though Web Or Mobile Application
  • Send SMS to All Language’s
  • Check Delivered Status
  • All Kind Report

Library Management

  • Manages all the transactions 
  • Manage books procurement request
  • Manage your Library and issue books online

Attendance Management

  • Easily Take Attendance Students or Staff Through Web Or Mobile app
  • Automatically send Presence / Absence SMS & Notifications to All Parents And All staff
  • All kinds Of Report


  • Fees receipt, discount report, student defaulter list class-wise and school-wise.
  • Component-wise fee collection report, financial year report,  truck of report, Miscellaneous fee collection, Dynamic fees slab generation as on date.

Examination Management

  • Assigning various subject for
    Classes, Elective Subject settings for individual Students.
  • Separate Mark/Grade settings for course components.
  • Exam schedule, class wise mark list preparation, Generate Student e-Report Card.

Transport Management

  • Details Of The Vehicle & Driver
  • Easily Maintained Assignments of Students on the vehicle With Their Boarding Point And
    Pickup Time
  • Vehicle wise Income Report
  • All kinds of Report’s

Payroll Management

  • Simplifies data Related to Monthly Salary information Bonus, tax, deduction Leave Manages
  • Easily Salary Allowances and
  • Print pay slip

Visitor Management

  • Print visitor pass
  • Automatic welcome message to the visitor & informs concerned staff 
  • Easily notify any visitor through SMS and maintain visitor 

Home work management

  • Innovative way of giving homework by clicking a snap
  • Assign homework and notify to individual student
  • Notify homework details to parents by SMS or Notification


  • Easily create a timetable of all the classes
  • Easily create an exam timetable for all the classes
  • Easily download timetables of all types

Online Examination

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Scalable
  • Anti-Cheating Technology
  • Exam Configuring Tools
  • Exam Day Notifications

What our client say

The best thing which I liked about this software is that it has all the safeguards required to protect student’s information. Besides this it maintains confidentiality and integrity of data.

Sushil Singh Principal

It is a pleasure to work with your company. Almost 90% of my administrative tasks are managed. Simply, it's a great program. We're very satisfied with service, support and regular trendy updates.

Shikha Rawat Principal

We are highly satisfied with your services ,we are glad to state that since we have started it has become very easy for us to perform many tasks. All the information is at my fingertips.

Ravi Kukreja Principal